Fifth Grade Class Councils

Each week I meet with each class K-5.  In the past, these classes have been called “Guidance.”  I am starting to transition away from this term and moving towards calling the classes something else.  For now, I’ll refer to them as Class Councils.  Your child will likely still hear it as Guidance.  I’m working on a post to explain the reasoning for this switch so stay tuned.

This page will be used to let you know what your child is working on during out time together.  My hope is to give a brief explanation of the weekly lesson and provide any resources that might be useful to reinforce the topics at home.  As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Week of September 5th: I really enjoy teaching all grade levels but there is just something about our fifth grade classes that I adore.  Perhaps it is because this is their last year of weekly classes with me.  It can be a big step from 5th grade to middle school, so we spend a lot of time preparing our social/emotional selves for the transition.  Because we cover some big topics over the year, I really want to make sure we set the groundwork for being a safe and cohesive group.  To do this, we spend the first few weeks doing team building exercises and examining our communication styles.

Our first big team activity was a communication exercise.  The kids were broken into two groups and told that they had been in a plane wreck.  They had 12 items that they were able to salvage.  Their first task was to individually list the items from most to least important for survival.  Next, each group had to agree on the top five items as those would be the only ones they could take with them.  Then, we came together as a large group and they had to all agree on the five items.

The kids were such fun to watch during this activity.  They really worked on being good and effective communicators.

Week of September 12th: This week we continued to talk about communication.  In particular we talked about gossip and how news passed from person to person to person can get pretty sticky.  To illustrate this point we started off the lesson playing the game Telestrations.  Imagine the classic game of Telephone but with drawing involved as well and you can get the picture.  This game demonstrated how our perceptions can really impact how we look at a situation or even how we take in information.  We then explored real life situations of this happening and problem solved how to handle things when they arise.  We will continue our exploration of communication next week!

Week of September 19th:  Communication happens when a message is both given and received.  Sometimes communication breakdowns happen when we are coming from different places or when our perceptions differ.  This week, we participated in another communication activity to highlight the importance of clear communication.  The kids had a lot of fun with this class and seemed to understand how difficult effective communication can be.