Fourth Grade Class Councils

Each week I meet with each class K-5.  In the past, these classes have been called “Guidance.”  I am starting to transition away from this term and moving towards calling the classes something else.  For now, I’ll refer to them as Class Councils.  Your child will likely still hear it as Guidance.  I’m working on a post to explain the reasoning for this switch so stay tuned.

This page will be used to let you know what your child is working on during out time together.  My hope is to give a brief explanation of the weekly lesson and provide any resources that might be useful to reinforce the topics at home.  As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Week of September 5th: This group of kids really are great participants in our classes.  They are so receptive and eager to learn.  Since this was our first week of classes together, I asked the kids what really worked for them last year, what they wanted to spend more time on and what topics they want to cover that we didn’t before.  Of course I have my own plans and thoughts on this but I wanted their input.  They were full of suggestions so we will have a year packed with great topics!

After getting their feedback, we revisited an activity that they loved in their third grade year.  This activity has them working as a team to communicate and support each other to accomplish a specific goal.  It was pretty cool to see how much they have grown as a group over the year.

My plan for the start of this year is to do more team building activities to have the kids really look at their strengths and areas of growth.

Week of September 12th: To follow up on the concept of really understanding yourself as a group member, leader and student I had the kids work on a learning styles profile.  We discussed that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and that knowing these is really beneficial.  The survey breaks things down in to different kinds of smarts.  The smarts are as follows: people, self, math, music, picture, word, nature, and body.  After the kids figured out which areas were the strongest they started to make a graphic to show their smarts.  We are going to hold onto these to refer back to as the year goes on.  This is also an activity that I like to do yearly with the kids.  By revisiting these surveys and graphs, the students can see how they grow and evolve.

Week of September 19th: 

We continued to work on their learning styles profiles.  The kids are working on their graphs that show their strengths.  We have been using the book, Fish In A Tree to highlight how knowing your strengths is important.  We will be sharing our graphs next week and looking at how our strengths compliment each other.