Kindergarten Class Councils

Each week I meet with each class K-5.  In the past, these classes have been called “Guidance.”  I am starting to transition away from this term and moving towards calling the classes something else.  For now, I’ll refer to them as Class Councils.  Your child will likely still hear it as Guidance.  I’m working on a post to explain the reasoning for this switch so stay tuned.

This page will be used to let you know what your child is working on during out time together.  My hope is to give a brief explanation of the weekly lesson and provide any resources that might be useful to reinforce the topics at home.  As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Week of September 12th: 

Kindergarten had their first official class with me this week.  I had been in the week before just to get to know the kids.  This week, Mrs. Wheaton and I worked together on the lesson.  We talked to the students about hopes and dreams for their school year.  We also shared our hopes and dreams with them.  We gave the kids a series of hopes and dreams to choose from.  These included things like: Being an independent thinker, writing lots and lots of pages, learning to read kindergarten level books, being a helper to friends by using good communication and others!  Each child chose one hope and then worked to illustrate a picture to represent this dream.  They were all really amazing at this activity.  If you get a chance, check in with your child to find out their hopes and dreams for the year.

Week of September 19th: 

This week we read the Hopes and Dreams book that the kids worked on the week before. Then we talked about how as classmates we could help each other reach our hope or dream.  Mrs. Wheaton and I asked the kids what they could do to help their classmates.  The kids brainstormed ideas like keeping in our self-space, picking up materials, using an inside voice, using our words to ask for help, and being kind to others.

Mrs. Wheaton and I did some role playing with the kids so they could practice ways of being helpful.  This class has some amazing ideas and are super compassionate.

Week of October 3rd: 

What a great group of kids!   I so enjoy my time with Kindergarten.  They are full of kindness and are working so hard to be the best students they can be.  This week we started talking about emotions and what they look and feel like.  We used the book My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss as a platform for our work.  We would explore the emotion, use movement to express the emotion and than talked about times we had felt these different ways.  A great follow-up activity is to try to identify all the different emotions that you see your kids experiencing.  This will allow them to start to understand the nuances of their emotional worlds.