Third Grade Class Councils

Each week I meet with each class K-5.  In the past, these classes have been called “Guidance.”  I am starting to transition away from this term and moving towards calling the classes something else.  For now, I’ll refer to them as Class Councils.  Your child will likely still hear it as Guidance.  I’m working on a post to explain the reasoning for this switch so stay tuned.

This page will be used to let you know what your child is working on during out time together.  My hope is to give a brief explanation of the weekly lesson and provide any resources that might be useful to reinforce the topics at home.  As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Week of September 12th: When this group was in second grade, they were huge fans of our classes together.  We worked hard on a lot of different topics.  Since this was our first week back together, I wanted to get a sense of what they loved talking about and doing and what they would like to see more of.  After I did that information gathering, I let the class know that we would be spending the first few weeks of our classes, talking about kindness.  This is how we started out last year as well.  It is always good to revisit this topic and to use it as a platform for the year.

To launch our kindness work, I read the book One by Kathryn Otoshi.  We had read this book last year as well and it was a huge favorite.  This book focuses on the ways that one person can make a difference.  Sometimes the difference is in a person’s life.  Sometimes it is for home or community.  We followed up with a craft that had the kids think about the 1 way they could make a difference in the school or with their peers.  If you get a chance, ask your child about the way they can make a difference.

Week of September 19th: We are continuing our work on kindness this week.  In order to deepen our understanding of kindness and to broaden our kind practices we revisited the book How Full is your Bucket by Tom Rath.  After reading the book the kids reflected on ways they can help fill other people’s buckets and how people help fill their buckets.  I realize this might seem like a weird concept.  Trust me, ask your child and they will tell you all about it!

After we thought about the small ways we could be bucket fillers, we talked as a whole group to think about ways we as a third grade class could make a positive difference for the whole school.  The kids thought about making sure to pick up litter, finding ways to make sure that all kids are included, doing fundraisers to fill school needs and so forth.  The kids are going to spend the week looking at things that could use improvement and then come up with a final class project next Monday.